Barangay community record

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Barangay Community Record Essay Paper

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Barangay Community Record

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Barangay Community Record Case Study Solution & Analysis

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Caramutan, La Paz, Tarlac) Members: Duran, Kamille Ann E. Reyes, Kim Wilbert M. Trinidad, Michael Adam E. Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Information technology refers to the collection of tools that make it easier to use, create, manage. And also, with the use of the Barangay record system, they can acquire documents, information, transactions such as barangay clearance, indigent, calamity and the like without Statistical information is a tool to acquaint people about the quantitative aspects of their community life and development.

More about Barangay Records System.

Barangay Community Record Case Study Solution & Analysis

Barangay Resident Record Management and Certificate Issuance System. Manual Method and Problems Encountered. This study focuses on the records management system of the said Barangay. To Whom It May Concern: This is to certify that Mr./Mrs./Ms. «Name», born on «DateOfBirth» and presently residing at «Address», CAMPO FILIPINO, BAGUIO CITY, is personally known to the undersigned Barangay Officials to be a person with Good Moral Standing and Credible Personal Integrity in the per record shown he/she has NO DEROGATORY, CRIMINAL, CIVIL OR.

Assets and medical record of each resident is not included as well as the use of biometrics in getting the barangay clearance. * Other services that the barangay giving to its constituents that requires information such in barangay health center is does not part of the study.

* The study only deals with the information the barangay secretary record and keep. * This includes all the essential information of all the residents of the barangay.

Statistical information is a tool to acquaint people about the quantitative aspects of their community life and development. If no information will be available as the basis.

Barangay community record
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