History of autism identification

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Identification and Evaluation of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders

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History of Autism

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Baby teeth give clues to autism's origins, detection

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Background and History of Autism&nbspResearch Paper

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Early Identification of Autism: Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Treatment FAQ

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Today, we’re internationally recognized for our autism research, education, evidence-based. with autism. Autism is more acceptable in today’s schools than is the diagnosis of mental retardation. The intensive early intervention services often made available to students with autism are not always offered to the child whose primary eligibility classification is mental retardation.

Autism is diagnosed by obtaining a developmental history of the child and observing and evaluating the child's behavior, communication skills, and social interactions.

Because the symptoms of autism are so varied, the condition may go undiagnosed for some time. A Brief History of Autism Although au tism is seen as a relatively rec ent pheno menon as dis cussed in the media, the te rm has a long history, stretching back t o the early s.

Early s - The term autism is first used. Autism Spectrum Disorders Early Identification Checklists. If a child seems to be lagging behind in some normal developmental milestones, additional evalution is warranted. Unaffected siblings in simplex families offer ideal controls for identification of de novo CNVs that are truly associated with autism.

Case-control studies are less compelling in this regard. The de novo CNVs discovered to date are rare, occurring in 1% or less of autistic individuals.

History of autism identification
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