Othello s pride

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What was the main cause for Othello's fall? What exactly happened?

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Pride In Othello

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Othello’s tragic flaw is pride. He constantly vaunts about his achievements in the past - which is how he wins over Desdemona - making him unable to fully understand the present.

There is ultimately a disconnect between his military persona and hi. The Pride of Othello In Shakespeare's Othello, Othello's pride prevents him from finding the truth, eventually leading to his demise.

Initially, Othello and Desdemona are deeply in love, despite her father's disapproval of their marriage. Jan 26,  · I think Othello most definitely deserves the title of tragic hero because he is his own demise.

One could say that Iago contributed to the fall of Othello, but really it's Othello's pride and hidden insecurity that cause tragedy. Iago’s “friend,” Roderigo, was jealous of Othello and Desdemona’s marriage because he was in love with Desdemona. Together, Iago and Roderigo schemed each other and everyone around them to get their way to what they wanted the most.

The insecurity Othello feels concerning his appearance and social graces ultimately leads to jealousy over Desdemona's love for him, yet, within this jealousy, his true fear and pride are revealed.

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Othello s pride
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Othello by William Shakespeare